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None; collector`s inventory mark in black enamel


Ø 28,3cm



The distinctly turned body raised on a sharply grooved, low foot and decorated with pointed scallops.


Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland,
The Collection of the House of Wettin
The Henry C. and Martha L. Isaacson Collection, Seattle
Private Collection, Chicago


Sold at the Johanneum`s sale, R. Lepke, Berlin, 7./8. October 1919, lot 4 & 5
The direct source for this form piece could not as yet be identified. Similarity to Turkish bowls in silver or copper however is obvious.

The 1770 inventory of the Japanese Palace refers under no. 193 to eight circular objects with deep scallops 1 ¾ Zoll and 10 Zoll diameter (“acht Stück am Rand ausgezackte detto-runde Assiette- 1 ¾ Zoll tief und 10 Zoll in Diameter”).

Of these eight recorded dishes, two were included in the sale of duplicates from the Johanneum held at Lepke in Berlin, 7./8.10.1919, Lots 4 and 5. Today the Porzellansammlung in Dresden does not own an example due to war losses.

Another example is in the Schneider Collection, Schloss Lustheim; illustrated by R. Rückert, Meissner Porzellan, 1710-1810, Munich 1966, p.53,  ill. no. 2


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