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The Bavarian shield-mark impressed on his lapel


16,7cm; ca. 61/2 in.


Dog later replacement

The thin Royal courier is shown striding forward leaning on a walking stick, his finely modelled face showing his serious efforts. The corners of his brown coat with blue cuffs and iron-red lining are tied back facilitating his large steps. A document scroll is attached to his pouch slung across his shoulder and the sign identifying him as the Bavarian Elector’s messenger, the Bavarian gilt-edged shield with diapers in white and blue is impressed on his right lapel. The Landbote’s long white leggings are fastened with gilt buttons and worn over blue breeches. Black shoes and fur cap. The figure is supported by a naturalistically modelled and coloured tree trunk and raised on the typical flat, gilt-edged, rococo-shaped base.


Collection Ringier, Zürich
Private Collection, Zofingen
Private Collection, Munich

An den Anfang scrollen